S.E.N.D/Local Offer

Crosscanonby St John's Primary School.

Provision for children with special needs and disabilities.

This school will do its best to meet the needs and secure the provision for any child who has been identified as having a special educational need. Our objectives are;

  1. To provide an environment where barriers to learning and participation are reduced to a minimum thus encouraging children to feel confident and respected and able to succeed.
  2. To ensure all children have access to an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum that enables children to reach their full potential.
  3. To work in partnership with parents and carers to ensure all children fulfil their potential.
  4. To work with all available agencies and other professional services to overcome barriers to a child's progress and learning.  

Our definition of Special Educational Needs.

Children have special educational needs if they have a learning difficulty that requires special educational provision to be made for them. Children have a learning difficulty if they;

  1. Have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of children of a similar age.
  2. Have a disability that prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for similar age.

How does Crosscanonby St John's School know if a child needs extra help and what should  I do if I think a child may have special needs?

We continually assess individual pupil performance and these are discussed in pupil performance review meetings. Any child who is not making progress in line with our expectation is identified and reasons for this are discussed and strategies put in place. These may include extra provision. This will be discussed with parents and carers. If a parent or carer believes their child may have special needs then they can raise this with school through the class teacher or Head teacher.

How will school staff support my child?

If your child has special educational needs then the class teacher will be the main member of staff to plan their educational programme. The class teacher will be responsible for assessing and planning your child's next steps. Your child's progress will be reported to the head teacher in Pupil Progress meetings held each term. Learning tasks will be carefully planned and differentiated to meet individual need. This will continue across all areas and subjects on our curriculum. Children will be taught in whole class, small group and individually. At Crosscanonby School we are fortunate to have a high adult to pupil staffing ratio and we are able to dedicate a substantial amount of teaching and teaching assistant time to meet individual needs. There is a Special Educational needs Coordinator, (SENCo) in school who is responsible  for ensuring that annual reviews and Educational and Healthcare plans are maintained and reviewed in conjunction with parents and carers. There is also a Special Needs Governor who, with the S.E.N.Co. reports to the Governing Body. We currently employ A Higher Level Teaching Assistant who supports the teacher in the Early Years and Key Stage One. We have a Senior Teaching Assistant who is also a qualified teacher to support children in Key Stage Two. We have a third Teaching Assistant who works increased hours with children who are disadvanged or have special educational needs.

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

We are fortunate in that the size and favourable adult to child ratio allows us to personalise the curriculum to meet individual needs and abilities. It is the responsibility of the class teacher working with teaching and higher level teaching assistants to ensure that children with special needs have full access to our curriculum but in a way that is meaningful, relevant and compatible to their needs. Planned modifications across the subject range will take into account a range of teaching methods, materials and breaking down learning into small steps will make sure children get their entitlement and more but in a way which they feel comfortable with.

As we have mixed age classes it is simpler to teach according to ability and not age, we have the built in flexibility that allows us to teach children in a range of circumstances that attends to their needs whilst allaying anxieties children or parents may have.

 How will I know how well my child is doing and how will Crosscanonby School support my child’s learning?

At this school we have an ‘open door’ policy where parents are free to arrange to meet with the Head teacher or the Class teacher at a mutually convenient time. Small matters can be attended to at the opening of school at 08.50 each day and the Head teacher is ready and willing to speak to parents most mornings. If a ‘quick word’ is not sufficient then a timed appointment can readily be arranged. We have two parent consultant sessions, one in the autumn term and another, informed by the child’s annual report, early in the summer term. At any time we can show parents and carers their child’s latest assessments, targets and what we are doing to ensure the children will achieve these targets.

We ask parents and carers to help us support their children through a planned programme of homework. Once again due to our size and scale teachers and parents often discuss methods tasks and materials that we can work in partnership with home to maximise children’s progress.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well - being?

Crosscanonby St John’s School has an excellent record of helping children overcome barriers to learning. The small family atmosphere, the intensive personalised approach and the careful monitoring of progress and personal well being have seen numerous children come to us with significant difficulties, yet leave after a very positive experience. The children in the school are very supportive of one another and behaviour and manners have been described by OfSted as ‘outstanding’. Exclusions are very rare, (one in nine years). We teach a fully inclusive spiritual, moral, social and cultural programme of studies. As a Church of England school our foundation is supported by an ‘outstanding’ Christian ethos as recognised in our last Diocesan inspection in 2012.

What specialised services and expertise are available for my child at Crosscanonby St John’s School?

This school has an ongoing relationship with a range of other professionals and agencies to support a wide range of special needs. We are pro active in seeking out specialist help should this be agreed with parents and carers. These include the Educational Psychology service, speech therapy, the Children Looked After service, social care, health visitors, the school nurse and the school attendance officer.

What training is the staff receiving or has completed to support my child with S.E.N.D.?

All staff members attend training regarding any specific special educational needs or disabilities as they arise. Staff has undergone training in the delivery of a range of catch up programmes the school operates, changes in how special needs are currently being administered and a variety of specific difficulties such as dyslexia and behavioural and emotional difficulties. If any child presents special educational needs we are unfamiliar with then this is deemed a priority for staff development.

How are resources for special needs allocated at Crosscanonby St John’s School allocated?

Our school has a budget allocated for special educational needs and dis abilities which is reviewed by the Head teacher (S.E.N.Co) the Governors Resources Committee and the full Governing Body. The majority of spend from this budget sustains a good specialist staffing who have a successful record supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities. We try to work in partnership with parents and carers regarding decisions about the level and type of support any child receives. The impact is measured by the Head teacher who will ultimately be responsible for decisions regarding individual children and who will advise Governors on matters concerning the spending of the whole budget.