Our governors

Governing body

Here at Crosscanonby St John's CE Primary School we work very closely with our committed governing body as they oversee the management and progress of the school to ensure that the school, its staff and pupils are supported. A strong and supportive governing body is an essential ingredient of a successful school.

The current governing body:

Name Tenure Exp Position/Specialism Committee




(Last 12 months)

Mrs Kelly Bowe   Headteacher All None 5/5
Miss S Morgan September 2025

Chair & Safeguarding

Co-opted by GB

Finance and Staffing

Chair Miss S Morgan

None GB - 4/5

Mrs L Tyson

 July 2025

Parent Gov 

Appointed by parents

School Improvement


None GB - 2/5
Mr M Perry March 2027

LA Governor

Appointed by LA


Finance and Staffing


None GB - 3/5
Miss E Wood July 2026



Health and Safety


GB - 1/1 
Mrs J Wood September 2027 Foundation Governor

School Improvement



GB - 1/1

If you wish to be involved in the great work that the governing body do then please speak to a member directly or contact Miss S Morgan via 01900 812326 or Chair@crosscanonby.cumbria.sch.uk.