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Governing body

Here at Crosscanonby St John's CE Primary School we work very closely with our committed governing body as they oversee the management and progress of the school to ensure that the school, its staff and pupils are supported. A strong and supportive governing body is an essential ingredient of a successful school. They meet regularly in full governing body meetings and in sub-committees to lead and manage our school, but they are also regularly seen helping in school and at school events, as well as overseeing and monitoring school development. Governors regularly attend training relevant to their roles and offer support for all aspects of school life.

 Our Governing Body has seven members, who are proposed and elected by various interests.  One of our Governors is a Parent Governor who was voted for by parents and carers of the children in school.  One Governor is a Local Authority Governor, and the remaining Governors are Foundation Governors, co-opted governors, staff governor and the head teacher of the school. The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected annually at the first meeting of the year in September.  The minutes of Governing Body meetings, with the exception of matters deemed confidential, are available for inspection in the school office. Declaration of Business Interests forms are completed annually and declarations of interest are also declared at the start of each meeting.

We currently hold five full governors meetings per year and have one separate sub-committee: the Finance, Staffing and Salaries Committee, which meets regularly throughout the school year.

 Miss Sarah Morgan is the Chair of the Governing Body. You are able to contact Sarah, via email, at: head@crosscanonby.cumbria.sch.uk  Please mark your email for the attention of Sarah Morgan. 

Miss Sarah Morgan is also Chair of the Finance, Staffing and Salaries committee.


Please use the link below to read our 'Governors' Code of Conduct and Role Descriptions':


The current governing body:

Name Tenure Exp Position/Specialism Committee




(Last 12 months)

Mrs Kelly Bowe   Headteacher All None 5/5
Miss S Morgan January 2028

Chair & Safeguarding

Pupil Premium


Co-opted by GB

Finance and Staffing


None GB - 4/5

Mrs L Tyson

 March 2027

Parent Gov 

Appointed by parents

School Improvement


None GB - 3/4
Mr M Perry March 2027

LA Governor

Appointed by LA


Finance and Staffing


None GB - 3/5
Miss E Wood October 2027



Health and Safety


GB - 1/1 
Mrs J Wood

January 2028

(or until permanent Foundation Governor appointed)

Foundation Governor (Temporary)

School Improvement



GB - 1/1

Mrs C Moore May 2028 Staff Governor School Improvement None GB - 1/1

Rev Mary Day


December 2023 Previous Foundation Governor

School Improvement



Mrs Linda McDonald


December 2023

Previous Chair

Previous Safeguarding

Previous pupil Premium

Finance and Staffing None  
Mrs P Anderson August 2023 Previous Foundation Governor School Improvement None  

An Appeals Committee may also be drawn from available Governors depending on circumstances and if the situation arises.


 Governing Body Diversity Data

As a Governing Body, we have a duty to recognise that diverse thoughts, voices and perspectives are essential to good governance and the effective running of any organisation.

 We believe it is important that our Governing Body reflects the diversity of the school communities which we serve. Diverse boards promote inclusive school environments and provide diverse role models for staff and children.

 The governors are currently gathering data on the diversity of our governors, including data on age, gender and ethnicity. We will use that data to inform recruitment and training needs and ensure there is always a diverse range of perspectives around the table to support robust decision making.

 We do not publish any diversity information that may disclose personal information about individual governors. This is due to our legal obligation to protect their personal data.

If you wish to be involved in the great work that the governing body do then please speak to a member directly or contact Miss S Morgan via 01900 812326 or Chair@crosscanonby.cumbria.sch.uk.