Pupil Achievement

Attendance at Crosscanonby St John's is good with our overall attendance figure for the year 2022-2023 standing at 93.3%. Authorised absences for the 2022-2023 academic year were 5% and unauthorised absences were 1% 


2023 Pupil Data

Year 1 phonics screening: 75% of pupils achieved the screening check.

Early Years, Reception 50% achieved a Good Level of Development.

67% of pupils in Year 2 achieved the expected standard in mathematics, reading and science, and 50% achieved the expected standard in writing.

In KS2 2023, 67% achieved the expected standard in reading, GPS and writing; 75% achieved the expected standard in mathematics. 50% of pupils achieved the expected standard in all subjects combined.

13% gained greater depth standard in mathematics and GPS and 25% achieved greater depth in reading.  

In 2023 average scaled scores were: 102 in mathematics, 103 in GPS and 103 in reading.

Our most recent validated Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 2019 data can be viewed and compared to national data using the link below:



The school's annual income and expenditure can be viewed on the Department for Education's Consistent Financial Reporting webpage: