PE & sport funding

We are asked to publish on our school’s website whether any member of staff receives a salary of £100K or receives increments of £10K. This is to confirm no member of staff is paid this figure.

Number of employees: 21

Gross salary of £100,000 = 0

Gross salary of £100,000 plus increments of £10,000 = 0

PE and Sports Funding

Crosscanonby St John's School allocates part of its delegated budget to insure all pupils receive a high quality curriculum and a range of learning experiences in PE and sport.

In 2023/2024 our school received £21,271 to enhance provision in PE and sport.

What have we spent this money on?

  • Further increased PE sports coaching for all classes.
  • Installation of outdoor activity areas - adventure playground for Early Years with the specific purpose of building upper body strength. 

    The use of this will allow children to feel confident in their movements and the messages their body gives them about their physiological state, providing a solid foundation for the development of social and emotional skills and learning. Improved bodily regulation has a significant impact on children’s emotional wellbeing and regulation. 

  • Increased adult support for SEND pupils in PE.

In July 2024, some of our children are visiting Newby Wiske Hall, Northallerton for 3 days, where they will participate in a wide variety of outdoor activities such as abseiling, orienteering and caving. Throughout the year, the children have also participated in various tournaments and festivals with our local cluster schools - multi-skills, dance, football, cricket, basketball.


  • Children have increased confidence, stamina and competence in fundamental movement skills. Children have increased confidence in participating in team games.
  • In the academic year 2023 75% of pupils in Year 6 met the end of KS2 swimming requirement. 
  • All KS1 and KS2 children have access to a sports after school club.
  • In 2023 we gained a Gold award for sport and PE.