Crosscanonby St John's School's Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is actively involved in the life of the school.

All staff, parents and carers are always welcome to attend meetings and get involved in social events and fund-raising activities.

Hello all! We’ve decided to freshen things up (new year, new us!) and make a few little changes, hopefully for the better!  

We’ve changed our name, as you can see! We think this is a much warmer, more welcoming name, and will hopefully mean any new members will know exactly what we’re all about!  

We’re a very small, voluntary group of parents and carers, raising additional funds for the children of Crosscanonby St John’s. The funds we raise are spent on things the school budget doesn't cover, such as treats for the children, special events, and educational resources to enhance our school’s fantastic provision. We make contributions to school trips, helping to keep costs down for parents and carers.  

We could do a LOT more if we had more helping hands, so please, if you would like to offer a little time now and again, contact us on here - we’ll leave a couple of contacts on the end of this post. We don’t meet in person very regularly, sticking to virtual planning when we can. When it comes to running the actual events, if you can come and help, great! If not, that’s fine too. If we all muck in when we can, it all gets done - the more, the merrier!  

We’ll continue to share other exciting community events on here, too, including Crosscanonby St John’s Baby and Toddler Group - a fantastic group with lots of super activities, open to all. 

Keep your eyes peeled for news of our next family fundraising event in school… 

Sarah Morgan and Wendy Hanley


  • EASTER FAMILY BINGO on Tuesday 26th March at 6:00PM