Bonjour mes amis!

Ça va?

Class 2:

We are learning to say hello and goodbye, to say how we are, how old we are, count to 20 and the colours in French.

We sing songs, say rhymes, play games and have conversations with our French puppets. We save reading and writing our French words for Year 3.

Class 3:

We are learning how to spell and write grammatically correct French sentences. We love the songs, raps and games which help us to remember the words.

This Spring term we are learning how to talk about food and drink, and express our likes and dislikes.

Good websites for practising:

English language websites

  • BBC Family French
    Games and activities with basic French vocabulary for families to play together.
  • BBC Primary French
    Interactive activities for primary French from BBC Schools. Based around beginners’ topics, the site includes animations, printable worksheets and a teacher’s area with advice on using the site.
  • BBC Schools - Parents
    BBC Schools website for parents. Search across BBC sites to find games, activities and worksheets to support learning languages at home.
  • Chez Mimi
    Interactive games for young learners based on the Channel 4 series. The Teachers’ Notes provides guidance on how to use the website in the classroom.




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