18 March 2024

Image of ProjectEVOLVE

The name: 'ProjectEVOLVE' reflects the philosophy behind this project; the project has “evolved” the online safety messages that children and young people are being taught into something more appropriate; more meaningful; that encourages reflection; that generates positive outcomes. It is that guiding principle that shapes the vast library of resources at the heart of the project.

The activities do not tell our children what or what not to do. They are provided with the right opportunity for discussion; prompted by appropriate questions accompanied by honest and useful information to shape thinking and challenge misconceptions. 

The ProjectEVOLVE toolkit is based on the UKCIS framework “Education for a Connected World” (EFACW). This framework covers knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes across eight strands of our online lives from early years right through to eighteen. These outcomes or competencies are mapped to age and progress. The statements guide us as educators to the areas that we should be discussing with our children as they develop their use of online technology.