We love Reading for Pleasure!

22 March 2024

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Reading For Pleasure!

How can I help my child with reading?

The single biggest predictor of high academic achievement is reading to children. Not flashcards, not workbooks, not fancy pre-schools, not technology or computers, but cherished adults taking the time every day or night (or both!) to sit and read them wonderful books.

Being involved in your child's education is crucial. Children with involved parents and carers, irrespective of income or background, are more likely to have higher academic achievement, better social skills and behaviour, greater confidence and self-esteem.

Our school leaflet - SEE LINK BELOW -  will help you support your child with their reading. It will provide you with some ideas and resources to ensure your child becomes an enthusiastic, confident, and fluent reader.


Children will regularly bring home a 'Reading Book' for them to read to you - this will be selected by the class teacher. They will also bring home a 'Reading for Pleasure' book to share with their parents and carers - this is to be read and enjoyed together.