The Life Science Centre, Newcastle

18 May 2023

Image of The Life Science Centre, Newcastle

Our whole school visited The Life Science Centre in Newcastle on Tuesday as part of our 'SPACE' week in school.

Our younger children in Key Stage 1 and Reception followed astronaut Space Ted as they went about their daily life on board the International Space Station. They joined the mission control team planning healthy meals and making sure Space Ted gets enough exercise.

The children took on the role of scientists investigating the properties of materials to make space suits for astronauts like Space Ted.

The children in Key Stage 2 discovered how scientists and engineers helped astronauts live and work on the International Space Station (ISS). They saw what life is like for the astronauts on the ISS and the challenges they face.

As well as that, they the conducted experiments to identify the best materials for a space suit and for an astronaut’s nappy! Tasting astronaut food provided lots of amusing faces; and we all nearly jumped out of our skins when a mini rocket was launched across the lab!

We all enjoyed taking a tour of the solar system in the planetarium and seeing how the JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) can help us make new discoveries about our universe.

A fantastic day had by all!

Look in our 'Photo Galleries' to see more fun from the day: