Horrible Histories - 'Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians'

29 September 2021

Image of Horrible Histories - 'Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians'

We were all very excited to meet people from history! Our trip to the Sands Centre for Horrible Histories live on stage, with the acclaimed production of Gorgeous Georgians and Vile Victorians, was the perfect show! We were ready to swing with a Georgian king! We tried to see eye to eye with Admiral Nelson! And found out if the Duke the Wellington got the boot. Lots of fun was had dancing the Tyburn gig, as well as moving to the groove with Queen Victoria. It was the horrible history of Britain with the nasty bits left in! Using actors and amazing 3D special effects, the astounding Horrible History show thrilled as historical figures and events came alive on stage and hovered at our fingertips.