Safeguarding our children

28 September 2016

Here at school we work tirelessly to keep all of your children safe. It is the most important part of our job. We spend a lt of time keeping our training up to date and a lot of time working with other agencies in children's services. 

The job of safeguarding children is not the sole repsonsibility of the teachers or myself. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF US ALL. 

Please visit our safeguarding page for more information. 

Mr C Steele is the Designated Safeguarding Leader of the school, Mrs Rothery is the deputy Safeguarding Lead and Mrs L Richardson is the SAfeguarding Governor. 

You can talk to any of us if you have any concerns but most importantly, IF YOU HAVE SIGNIFICANT CONCERNS ABOUT A CHILD THEN RING THE CUMBRIA LSCB SAFEGUARDING HUB ON 0333 240 1727

You can also find more information about their work by clicking here

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