This week, while half the school was on residential, the other people who didn’t go did a cookie project. On the first day was they had to fill in the first 3 pages of a cookie booklet. What they had to do on those three pages was they have to write their favorite cookies and they had to also write on that sheet why did they like them. On the next page they had to try some biscuits and give them a vote out of 1-10 and the last page was where they have to write down what they wanted in their biscuit because they were going to make cookies so the teacher knew that we wanted and we could bring our own stuff in to school. The next day we were making biscuits and the group had so much fun making the biscuits and the last day was where the group had to decorate their biscuits and they had fun doing that as well and they are taking them home so they will have fun eating them at home.

Category: Class 3

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