E-Safety Board Games

E-safe the game

The name of the game is ‘E-safe the game ‘

We came up with the idea when Mrs Bowe told us they were about E-Safety it took about a day to make and we are very proud of our work. Darcy made the counters and cards for the game, Tyler coloured the counters in. Molly typed the rules so people know how to play the game and Cooper designed the board and decorated the rule book to make them stand out.

Why did we make the games?

It is important to know how to be safe online and you don’t want to be taught the boring way; so we have made board games so you can learn how to be safe and have fun at the same time.

We enjoyed making and playing our and other’s board games.

Who was in the group?

We split into 6 groups; in each group there were 3-5 people. The people in our group were: Cooper Richardson; Tyler Gunn;  Darcy Williamson and Molly Brew to make the board game we split up into pairs: Cooper and Tyler and Molly were on the computers and Darcy was making the counters and cards.

How Does it work?

Role the die and move the number shown: If you land on stranger danger windows error or virus you have to go back to the start. If you land on a computer you miss a turn and lastly if you land on the blue screen you are out!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how we made our own board games i also hope you read the next class 3 blog

See you in the next one bye!!!!

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