E-Safety Board Games

Who is in the group?

In our group there is: Lucy Katie Emily Rachel and Abigail C and the board game that we have been making is based on monopoly.

What does the board game teach us?

It teaches us about being safe on the internet and around other people on the internet so you know what to do and what not to do.

How does the game work?

So you have a phone and the phone says a problem and you have to close your eyes or look away and you have and you have to pick a no or a yes  and if you get the right answer you move 2 spaces forward and if you get it wrong move 2 spaces back.

Why have we made them?

We made them for little kids. We’ve done this because our topic is about e-safety. The kids need to know about being safe on the internet that is why we made the board games. We hope this will help kids be safe on the internet.

Name of the game?

The name is ‘Solve The Problem’ the players answer questions and scenarios and try to figure out what cyber- bullying is.

Category: Class 3

Tags: e-safety

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