Here at Crosscanonby St John's Church of England Primary School we are very proud of our christian ethos and provide our children with many opportunities to study christian life and other religions.  

In May 2016 we introduced a set of core christian values to the school. We focus our attention on two values each half term and link all of our collective worships and teaching to them. They have been planned to coincide with the main church celebrations. The result is that the children learn to lead their lives by these values and see how we can all learn from one another each and every day. 

Term Celebration Focus Values

Autumn Term 1


Generosity & Thankfulness

Autumn Term 2

Christmas & Advent

Compassion & Trust

Spring Term 1

Candlemas, Epiphany, Lent & Easter

Courage & Hope

Spring Term 2


Forgiveness & Justice

Summer Term 1


Friendship & Service

Summer Term 2


Wisdom & Truthfulness