Here are Crosscanonby St John's Primary school we like to run a variety of after school clubs that children can enjoy. The programme for the Spring Term 1 is below:

After School Groups

Wednesday KS1

Art Club

Key Stage 1 pupils can join an Art Club with Mrs Mogford on Tuesday from 1515 - 1615

Tuesday KS2

Fine Art Club

Mrs Connor is running a Fine Art Club on Tuesdays. The club is for KS2 and runs from 15.15 - 16.15

Wednesday - KS2


Mr Skivington and Mr Steele will be leading an Archery Club. This club runs from 1515 - 1645.

Thursday KS2

Multi Skills with Andy

Andy will lead a multi skills club from 1515 - 1615 for Key Stage 1 pupils.

Thursday KS1

SATS Boost Club

Mrs Connor is leading a TROLLS Club. They will watch parts of the movie and do some arts and crafts activities related to it.